The Monthly Polaroid #5 // My Month for Books

maddieblogbuttonHey everybody! Fall is finally here! It is my favorite time to read, also winter because I get to be so cozy, and it is my favorite season! I love the leaves, wearing long sleeve shirts, drinking hot chocolate, and so much more. Mostly, I am going to see how many books I read before the year ends. I probably won’t get to my goal of one hundred though, only if I try really hard I’ll get there!

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Blogger Positivity Movement {Share the Love!}

maddieblogbuttonHey everybody! So, Becca @ Becca and Books has started the “Blogger Positivity Movement.” After seeing all of the drama on Twitter between bloggers, she has gotten tired of it. Now, she has started this amazing movement. Just because it was so awesome and I am all about being positive, I decided to join in on the fun. Keep on reading if you would like to know more and how you can join in on the action.

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Review of “How to Steal a Dog”

Hey everybody! I recently got done with How to Steal a Dog, a novel by the amazing Barbara O’ Connor. I have had the novel for a few years now and since I have been craving for something to read, I have decided to read this wonderful book again!

Honestly, you should never steal a dog in real life because you could make the owner really sad or mad and it is not the right thing to do to somebody’s dog. Anyway, check out my review of Barbara O’ Connor’s How to Steal a Dog!

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Interview: Kayla @ KDrewKtheBookworm

maddieblogbuttonHello beautiful people! I have done my first ever interview with one of my favorite bloggers in the whole entire galaxy, Kayla @ KDrewKtheBookworm! She reviews young adult and middle grade books, she does tags, and she has also created “Top Ten Thursday!”

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Beautiful People #6 – September Edition

Hey everybody! Nanowrimo is TWO MONTHS AWAY! *screams in horror* I seriously have no idea whether I am going to do it or not. The next two months for me are going to be jam-packed, yet super fun.

Also, today is the final characters of the Incognito series, but next year I will have more new characters from the sequel of my novel which is actually a work in progress right now. Keep your eyes open.

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Polaroid Books Writing Boot Camp Sign-Ups

PolaroidBooksWritingBootCampHey everyone! I am so excited to announce that I am hosting my first ever writing camp! I miss out on the opportunity to sign up for a writing camp and I get really sad because I didn’t sign up. What’s better than doing a writing camp? Hosting it!

Anyway, if you want to enter, keep on reading! This is the first annual writing boot camp on my blog and I would love for you to be a part of it!

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Review of “Connect the Stars”

Connect the StarsHello and welcome back to another review! I got done with this book in June/July and I am just doing a review of Connect the Stars now in September?! I am so behind!

Anyway, feel free to check out my review of Marisa de los Santos and David Teague’s Connect the Stars by clicking the “read more” button below! You probably already knew that though.

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The Monthly Polaroid #4 // September Already?

maddieblogbuttonHey everyone! Is it just me or did it seem like August went by so fast? I think it’s everybody who thinks that and I am glad that I am not the only one. Anyway, I am back with another monthly post for you all!

If you have been following Polaroid Books since the beginning of time, welcome back! If you are just jumping in, welcome and press the follow button so you never miss a beat!

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