The Awakening of Camp Nanowrimo

Participant 2016 - Twitter ProfileStarting in the month of April, all of the hopeful writers get sorted into a cabin or they may make a private cabin with some of their closest friends. Writers can’t wait for the moment they have been waiting for.

Camp Nanowrimo

I have always wanted to become a writer and now here is my chance! I am super excited, yet I am super worried because I may not get done or I may be behind. I have been writing for Camp Nanowrimo ahead of time because I was so excited! I started writing for Camp Nanowrimo in January even though you have to write in April.

Now I am so glad I started writing towards the beginning of the year because April is going to be super busy for me with sports and extra things going on.

Out of these whole 3 months of writing my novel, it has been super hard. I am really full of hope and joy that I really want to write a 50,000 word novel, but sometimes it is just so hard to write. I run out of ideas because I mean to write it down as soon as I think of it, but when I think of a good idea, I always forget to write it down.  Camp Nanowrimo always eats at my brain, but what am I saying? This is my first year and to me, it is so much fun! Just imagine when I finally get done with Camp Nanowrimo. I’ll be so happy! I will feel the power of accomplishment!


I love writing and it is more than just a hobby. It is my passion. I can write all day and there are so many ideas floating around in my brain. Now, I just want to write a fantasy story with dragons in it.

Would you all like to see a snippet from my Camp Nanowrimo novel? Of course you do! I decided to write a superhero fiction novel because I love superheroes to the max. Here is a snippet!

Snippet time

“Then I will stop it! I’ll do something!” Shelby yelled over the loud boom. It felt like it shook the room. We stopped fighting and everybody looked at us, then they all looked at the door. The door slowly slung open and a huge ray of light blinded all of us. The whole cafeteria was curious to find out who the stranger was. I was even curious to find out who it was. Shelby was frantically looking around the cafeteria to find out where Liam was, but he was nowhere to be seen. He was nowhere in sight. He was nowhere to be found.

The door slung open with a big boom. Fog hid the person who was standing there. One kid tried to go towards the ray of light, but a big boom blasted the kid away. The kid slammed into the cafeteria wall like he was a test dummy. I was amazed at what I just saw. The person had to be some sort of supernatural human being to do that.

Other kids tried to run away by going out of the other doors, but to their surprise they were locked. I looked beside me and Shelby was shivering like a wet dog. She didn’t have Liam by her side and she was also scared to death. I wanted to run and go hide somewhere safe, but what if I got slammed into the wall? I didn’t want to break every bone in my body.

Suddenly, the figure spoke. All of the kids in the cafeteria froze in shock. “Dylan North. Where are you?” The figure’s voice boomed loudly. It seemed like his voice bounced off of every wall in the cafeteria. I stepped up and went towards the figure. Shelby grabbed my hand and pulled on it.

“Dylan, you could get killed out there. That guy could be a crazy person from a crazy home. Like I said before, you could get killed.” Her icy blue eyes sent a chill down my veins.

“You could too.” I replied as I loosened her grip. I walked towards the figure. It felt like the light and the fog around the door swallowed me whole. I looked to see who it was. Could it be a teacher with a dramatic entrance? Could it be a kid doing a class prank? I had no idea who else knew my name in this school besides the teachers.

I looked to see who it was and I couldn’t believe my eyes when I found out who it was.

It was Incognito.

End of snippet

Ta da! Wasn’t that so good?! You can check out more on my profile, iheartglitter. I am trying to make my chapters longer and longer, so my word count will soon increase to 50,000. I am so excited to start! Only two more days!

Wait, only two more days? I’m not ready!

Just kidding. I am.

Are you doing Camp Nanowrimo this year? What are you writing about?



5 responses to “The Awakening of Camp Nanowrimo

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  2. Oh hello fellow writer!! *waves wildly* That is so so awesome how writing is your passion, omg, NEVER LOSE THAT. I am so so passionate about writing too…even when it gets super tough? I just want to write and write and write. XD IT IS THE BEST and seriously one of the most rewarding things. AND SQUEE FoR SUPERHEROES!!! I’m reading a superhero book right now and it’s my favourite….and your snippet was so so intriguing. It made me go “OKAY AND THEN WHAT” XD Which is an excellent reaction. hehe.
    Good luck with writing this draft!!
    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey! *waves back* Thank you! Me too! I started writing about two months ago for Camp Nanowrimo just because I was that excited about doing it for the first time. Yes, SUPERHEROES ARE THE BEST! Thanks Cait! 😀


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