My Experience with Camp Nanowrimo

Winner 2016 - Facebook ProfileApril is over and May is now here. That means we get to take two months off and we get to take a little break from writing. We get to do our normal schedules now instead of sitting in front of a computer or a piece of paper, wondering what we should write.

Now I will tell you my experience with Camp Nanowrimo. I may have told you this before, but this is my first year doing Camp Nanowrimo and I was so proud when I wrote my 50,000 words in a month.

I started getting ready a month to two months before because I am always so eager to write. All of the words just come out and I get to express my inner writer self. When I had the idea to write a superhero fiction novel, I was so ready.

I got my novel idea from one of my favorite book bloggers, Sophie @ Sailing Through Books with her weekly meme, “When I First Saw You.”

Her meme really helped me out and it was the first one I have ever done. I said to myself that I should turn this idea into a novel, possibly a series, and it happened.

I started to write my novel for Camp Nanowrimo and it finally came true. I wrote 50,038 words in total on the 26th of April. I was so happy when I validated my word count that I was bouncing up and down in my seat! It was something to be proud about!

Now that I have finally gotten done with my novel, I already have ideas for the sequel. That is kind of crazy once you think about it, but it is true.

In total on Camp Nanowrimo (whether you won or lost,) everybody together wrote 57,171,986,742 words in total. Now that is something to be proud about.

You can check out my Camp Nanowrimo profile and my novel stats. Who knows, maybe we can discuss your next writing project together!



3 responses to “My Experience with Camp Nanowrimo

  1. 1-CONGRATULATION MADDIE!!!! Winning camp nano is such an amazing accomplishment and you finished on the 26th!?!?!? Girl, that’s crazy amazing!
    2- I totally want to know which WIFSY inspired your story! It makes me so happy to know that you enjoyed WIFSy enough to turn one of your ideas into a story!:D *edit from the future* I just took a look at your Camp NaNo profil and read about your stry and holly mother does it sound good! 😀
    3- I AM SCREAMING OF JOY RIGHT NOW! Me? I’m one of your favorite book blogger?!?! *tackles you to the ground with a hug* you are the first person to tell me this and I never thought it would happen! It mean the WORLD to me to know that my blog matters, so thank you thank you thank you!<3<3<3<3<3 And for the record, your blog is pretty bad ass too<3

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    • THANK YOU SO MUCH SOPHIE! I know right! When I got done, I was just sitting in my chair, squealing and waving my hands like crazy. 😀

      My Camp Nanowrimo story was inspired by the first WIFSY that I did. It was “Draw the Line” and that inspired me to write a superhero fiction book and it turned out really good! Thanks so much! I glad that you think it is good!

      YES! YES YOU ARE! *accepts the hug and hugs back* REALLY?! THE FIRST PERSON? You are absolutely welcome and thank you so much! 😀


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