How to Make Your Goodreads Profile Sparkle

maddieblogbuttonGood morning, good afternoon, or good night everyone! Have you read any great books lately that you can’t stop talking about them?

By looking at the title of this post, I am going to tell you how to make your Goodreads profile stand out whether you just joined or you have been on for years.

Look for Inspiration

If you want to get ideas on how to make your Goodreads profile stand out, look at other profiles for inspiration. When I first started, my profile was a mess. My bio was all over the place and I didn’t know what to do. Then, I started looking around at my favorite book blogger’s profiles and I learned a thing or two about making my Goodreads profile stand out from the bookish crowd.


Come up with crazy, yet beautiful board names

At first, my board names were like “favorite books” or “currently read,” but now I have come up with a lot of book board names. If I didn’t like a certain book, I made a board called, “no way jose” and if I couldn’t get done reading a book I made a board called, “on hold because so many books.” If you make a great board name, people will want to check out your boards and see your books that you have read. Also, it keeps your profile very organized.

The bio is everything

The bio is everything on your profile. When you fill it in, you put everything that you love and so much more, but have you ever thought that maybe a lot is too much information? You want to put the right information in your profile. You can put your favorite things, but not everything that you like. You can put, “I like books and movies with a ton of action!” Don’t put, “I like my dogs and my cats and my hamster name Squiggles. He is the cutest thing I have ever seen. He eats everything that I feed him and blah blah blah.” Don’t put that in your bio.

make your status updates steal the show

When I update my status on a book that I am reading, I usually put a little sentence of how I am feeling when I am reading the book at that moment. Other people put pictures or GIFs, but since I am not very good at coding, I don’t do that kind of stuff when I post my updates. If you learn how to do that, you can do it. If I am your friend on Goodreads and I see that you have learned how to do it, I will be so happy for you. No really. I really will.


Make friends and get discovered

When I first joined Goodreads, I really wanted to have followers and things like that, but I don’t really care about followers and stuff like that. Goodreads is just a place where I tell everyone what I am reading and then I write a review on the book. If you really want to get discovered on Goodreads, comment nice things on other people’s status updates and ask people to be your friends. Don’t be afraid if they don’t accept your friend request. They may be too busy or they may have reached their friend limit which I think is 5,000. Who knows, an author may ask to be your friend!

Add books and read books

The point of Goodreads is that you find a book, read a book, and when you get done with your book, you rate it from one to five. If you stay inactive and if you never read books, then people are never going to find you on Goodreads. Read popular books that have just released or read your favorite old-time classic books. Whatever you like, you like. Who knows, maybe somebody will be inspired to read your favorite 5 star book!

Write amazing reviews

Reviews are really hard to put into text. When you get done reading your favorite book or a book you have never heard of, you have to write a review. Don’t worry! Don’t go sit in your cave all alone! If you aren’t very good at writing reviews, look at reviews for inspiration. They can be really long and super amazing. You can tell the viewer why they should read the book or you can tell everyone why you loved the book. Just don’t do this.

I really liked the book because my favorite character was Thomas. Thomas was really cool, but I didn’t like Annie. She was bossy to everyone and everything. I don’t like the book, but I did like the book. Please read this book. It was good.”


Don’t do that. Just don’t. That is not a review and yes, I have wrote “reviews” like that before. Now, I don’t really write them like that. Even if you don’t have time to write the review, you can always say that the review is coming soon!

Join groups and enter giveaways! (With your parent’s permission.)

Did you know that you can join bookish groups and you can enter to win books from some of your favorite authors, but only with your parent’s permission. There are so many groups to join from book clubs to a fan club about your favorite book! There are also so many giveaways going on every single day, so log in often and check out which books you want to win! Don’t worry if you don’t win a giveaway on your first try. Many people enter the giveaways.

And remember, nobody is perfect

What is the moral of this story? Is it, “My profile has to be perfect, so it can impress all of the bookish people in the world?” No. Nobody is perfect. It even says in one of Hannah Montana’s songs. Nobody is perfect. Not even a profile can be perfect because it is not alive. Don’t worry if your profile looks like this or like this, even like this! You worked hard on your profile and it looks amazing. If you don’t think so, trust me, it does.

Last but not least, have fun

Wait a minute, are you still sitting in that cave? I think you are. If so, get out of there and have some fun!giphy

What is the point of doing something fun if you can’t have fun?! Go out there and have fun. Have fun and be you because you can only be you. You can’t be a copy because it is not fun to be a copy. Who wants to be a copy when you can be an original?

Those are a lot of ways to make your goodreads profile sparkle! Did any of those help? Which one was your favorite?


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