Beautiful People #3 – June Edition

10928109_595959117172101_1450331761_n Hello readers of the book galaxy! Welcome to the third post of Cait’s and Sky’s link up, “Beautiful People!”

If you are wondering what it is about, you are in luck! No worries, it is not bad luck. It is good luck with butterscotch candies falling from the sky.

“Beautiful People” is a monthly link up where everybody gets to know your characters better and it helps a lot when you are writing your stories. You can learn more about it here.

I have a TON of characters in my mind right now and I have to see which character I want to feature today. Everybody, meet Jax Attwell from the sequel to my Camp Nanowrimo novel that I did in April. If you want to check it out, click here. You can see all of my stats and a secret snippet on my page.

I am trying to pull of the most normal, yet interesting character out of my mind and I have done it.  If you know who this person is in real life, I will virtually hug you and I will give you a virtual pet blobfish.

What are their first childhood memory?

Jax’s first childhood memory is when him and his sister got adopted by Mr. Henry Attwell, a super rich man who has never been married. Since Mr. Henry Attwell couldn’t find a wife, he decided to adopt Jax and Isabela. Then, Mr. Attwell’s whole life turned around when he adopted the two.

What were their best and worst childhood experiences?

Jax’s best childhood experience where when Jax would go into his dad’s office and he would be so amazed. His eyes would look like they would bulge out of his head and his mouth would be hanging open.

His worst childhood experience is when his dad would be working all of the time at his top-secret job and Jax wasn’t allowed to go back there until he was grown up and he wasn’t allowed to go back until he understood what was going on. His dad also didn’t have a lot of time for him and his sister, so Jax learned to grow up quickly.

What was their childhood home like?

Jax’s childhood home was dull and boring. Even though his dad was filthy rich, they had to stay at the bottom floor of his job. Jax did everything in the dull gray rooms on the bottom floor until his dad got off of work.

What’s something that scared them as child?

When Jax was a child, his dad would read his stories about evil villains coming and attacking the world. When his dad told him that story, it freaked him out. Now that his dad started his top-secret business for recruiting villains and turning them into superheros, Jax knows that nothing bad is going to happen to him.

Who did they look up to most?

Jax looks up to his dad for many reasons. He looks up to him because he is a great role model and he respects everybody no matter what they look like or how they act. His dad just wants the best for everybody.

Favourite and least favourite childhood foods?  

Jax loves pizza, hot dogs, hamburgers, ribs, and any fun food. He does not like green beans, mushrooms, or potatoes. Since he is a fun guy, he loves fun food.

If they had their childhood again, would they change anything?

I love this question so much that I don’t even know why I love it. If Jax had his childhood again, he would change a ton of things. He would have wondered why his real parents left him and he wouldn’t have been the way he was to make them leave.

Even though he doesn’t know why they left, he still wants to change a lot of things from his childhood.

What kind of child were they? Curious? Wild? Quiet? Devious?

Jax was always a very curious child with a wild imagination and he was like Peter Pan. He never wanted to grow up. Certain events in his life made his mature and he knew that he had to grow up in some point of his life. Jax was also very quiet and he didn’t really like talking to people unless his dad knew them and trusted them.

What was their relationship to their parents and siblings like?

Jax was also close to his parents until they left him. Isabela, his sister, was always very close to Jax until she developed a wild side. Jax and Isabela grew apart and they were not the brother and sister that they were a long time ago.

What did they want to be when they grew up, and what did they actually become?

Jax has always wanted to be some kind of athlete. He was always very good at sports and he had great sportsmanship. Now that Jax’s life is kind of falling apart, he is now a soldier hunting down some of the runaway villains Incognito recruited.



9 responses to “Beautiful People #3 – June Edition

  1. Omg your story sounds AMAZING and I love Jax already! I especially relate to him on the Peter Pan half *nods* I mean, who wants to grow up? Ew. But also the superhero secret-y aspect of your book sounds so very intriguing. And I’m glad you liked the questions. 😀 *flails happily*
    Thanks for joining in!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • THANK YOU SO MUCH! Me too. I mean, I never want to grow up, but the day shall come soon in my life. Intriguing indeed. 😀 No problem! Anytime!


  2. Cool! Jax sounds like the sort of athlete I’d meet at school and wonder about and want to get to know but never have the chance just because me and he have so very different interests. To me, he sounds even cooler when his life falls apart and he has to hunt runaway villains…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much. I agree. The person that I based the character off of is an athlete in real life. Thank you so much again. I am glad that you think he is really cool. 😀


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