Should Celebrities Write Books?

maddieblogbuttonHello everyone! Welcome back! Have you read any good books lately? What is on your summer TBR?

Have you ever saw a book by one of your favorite celebrities and you know that you had to have it? When you read it, you either liked it or disliked it. Do you know why you liked the book? Do you know why you disliked the book? Well, here are the pros and cons of very popular celebrities writing books

Pros of celebrities writing books

  • They have experience with writing and they decided to write a book that everybody will love.
  • I don’t think celebrities get out often because they don’t want the paparazzi following them around. That means they stay in their house and write.*
    *I do not know if that is true. I am stating my honest opinion.
  • People have known the person for a long time from social media and when they come out with a book, they know that their fans will buy the book. That means they earn money and more publicity.
  • Celebrities sometimes come up with amazing ideas that just leave our minds into a million little pieces, but this pro kind of goes back to a con.
  • When you buy a book by a celebrity, you love it and you have to love the celebrity forever. Then, you wish there was a whole series.
  • Honestly,  there are not a lot of pros, but there are a lot of cons. That is another honest opinion.


cons about celebrities writing books

  • They have no writing experience what so ever. It breaks my heart, but it is so true.
  • Celebrities copy books from other people. I heard that Youtuber Alfie Dayes copied Wreck this Journal in his book, The Pointless Book which is pretty much pointless if you look at the reviews of the book on Goodreads. Some ideas you see from celebrities are actually pretty good, but some of them are just copying other people’s work.
  • Just look at this review. It comes back to my last con, but it backs it up like a partner in crime. This review is by Molly Fabulous.

“YouTubers need to stop writing books – this is a boring and unoriginal version of Wreck this Journal, it’s meant to be ‘pointless’ but it’s just plain boring and not worth completing. I highly doubt he even wrote the pages and if he wasn’t a YouTuber, this would never be published.”

  • If they are an unknown celebrity and they want to get discovered, they will write a book or try to get a world record or something. Then, that celebrity will get really famous.
  • When you buy a book by a celebrity and you don’t like it, you wasted you money. Then, you slam your head against the wall and you want to rip the book to shreds. You can not rip the book to shreds because you are kind to books and you do not do that.
  • When you find out that there is a series, you start to go crazy. Then, everybody thinks that you are crazy. Well, this really doesn’t have anything to do with this. I just thought that I could add it.

do you think celebrities should write books? do you think these pros and cons are true? what are some books by celebrities that you like and dislike? comment below!


4 responses to “Should Celebrities Write Books?

  1. I’ve read Zoe Sugg’s and Bella Thorne’s books, and they were AMAZING! A lot of people seem to dislike them for whatever reason (maybe just because they’re famous?), but I disagree! I have yet to read books by other celebrities, so I haven’t found one I’ve disliked yet. Amazing post! 🙂

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