Why Books Are (Always) Better Than the Movies

maddieblogbuttonHi! This post has been in my drafts for four months and I came across it and I thought to myself, “I should really publish this, so people can agree with me.” I mean, this post is going to be all about the truth. Well, and some opinions if you don’t agree with me.

Today, we are going to be having a battle against the books and the movies. Obviously, the books are going to win, but you get to decide and comment below. Are the movies better than the books or are the books better than the movies?

the movies leave out some characters

Have you ever read a book and then you watched the movie and then you realized that one of the most important characters wasn’t in the movie? Doesn’t that stink? I mean, you sit and watch two hours of the most anticipated movie of the year and you find out that Louis isn’t in the movie! UGH. It drives me bananas.

The movies leave out huge chunks of important scenes

Books include everything. I mean, EVERYTHING. They include the first kiss, the first fight, the first death, the first tragic disaster that struck the world into eternal darkness. What if they didn’t include the part that changed the whole movie?


Okay, maybe the director would include the part that changed everything, but sometimes bookish dragons want everything. Well, we want everything all of the time. Is there a book code or something? Should we e-mail the directors and tell them to include everything that was in the book? Should we wait for an answer that will probably never come? Should the authors be directors? Well, we will just have to wait for our questions to be answered.

people see the movies first

I was on Goodreads or some bookish website and somebody wanted to see the movie Divergent first without reading the actual book.


Look, I understand that you don’t want to read the book and I know that it is super long, but do you want to watch a two-hour movie that you could watch in a day or do you want to read a book that you could read over and over again? It is your choice, not mine. Wait, I choose the book. That is my choice.

Of course, after I read the whole series I am probably going to watch the movie. That is what I do with every book series. Well, not Percy Jackson. I mean, I am watching the movie before I have read the books. The movies are fantastic, but I heard that the books are better.

movies have a remote, books have pages

What is better to hold, a remote that plays the movie or a book with pages? Your choice.*

*okay, i don’t know why i added this, but i like it a lot. i am not going to argue.

the movies are too short

This post kind of goes back to the one about seeing the movie first, but it is nothing like this point. The movie may be two hours long, possibly longer than that, but the book lasts a lifetime and you can not replace a book with a movie or a video game. If you do, then shame on you. Why can’t you appreciate books the way I do?

what about today’s modern technology? you can’t argue with that?

Guys, what ever happened to the modern pen and paper and you could just write whatever you want and you could express your feelings on paper? One day in the far distant future, books may not even be here anymore. Then, I will be very sad and I will cry, but I am not sure if that will happen or not because I may not be alive in the distant future.

People think that if you watch the movies and if you don’t read the books at all, then you are fine and you have covered everything. NO, YOU HAVEN’T.

Sometimes, you may want to read the book or the e-book first, but holding the book in your hands is possibly the best feeling in the world. I don’t like carrying my e-book with me everywhere I go because then people don’t know what I am reading. If I carry a book wherever I go, it is 99% likely that you will start a conversation with a person you haven’t met yet about the book.*

*I do not know if this is true or not, so i am using my best Judgement.

i know that i have probably convinced you to come over to the book side. what do you think about these points? are there any that you could add to my list? comment below and lettuce chat about books and maybe movies!


5 responses to “Why Books Are (Always) Better Than the Movies

  1. I love all of your points! Personally I’m on the fence with books and movies, sometimes they change the book which turns out to be a disaster but sometimes the changes are kind of good? Game of thrones being an example (maybe it’s just me who couldn’t get through the fifth book though, oops). The modern technology point, yess agh it would be terrible if all the books disappeared, what would I put on my shelves and gaze creepily at? Aha just kidding, kind of.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! I was kind of nervous at first before I published this post, but since you agree I am not so nervous anymore! 😀 I agree. Sometimes the changes are bad and sometimes the changes are good. I have not see “Game of Thornes,” but I have heard of it. I will have to check it out sometime!


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