Overused Story Ideas + How You Can Come Up with the Best Story Ideas

maddieblogbuttonHello! I have read many books this year. Well, more like twenty-five books. This is the start of something new though!

I read many different genres of books like fan fiction, dystopian love/action stories, fantasy, and so much more. Have you ever thought that there are overused story ideas? *crowd gasps in amazement*

I know. It is so crazy.

There are many overused story ideas in many different genres of books, mostly fan fiction because the fans make their own fiction. That is how it got its name.

Anyway, here are some overused story ideas and towards the end of the post I will tell you how to come up with some amazing story ideas of your own! You know, that way your idea doesn’t sound like it is overused.

Overused story ideas

  • One day, the MC goes to Starbucks and the MC orders their favorite flavor. Then, the MC’s love interest bumps into them and the MC’s coffee goes flying everywhere. The MC’s love interest feels so bad and the MC’s love interest offers to buy the MC another coffee and a new dress. Then, they fall in love.

Haha, this would never happen.

If I magically bumped into Niall Horan at a Starbucks and my coffee spilled on my outfit, I wouldn’t be mad because I would be in a magical daze of Niall’s cuteness.

DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY FANFICS THERE ARE WITH THIS PLOT? A TON! Just don’t use this idea all of the time because it is not original anymore.

  • MC bumps into MC’s favorite boy band member and they fall in love backstage at a meet and greet.

Again, I am 99% that this would never happen. It would be great if it did, but it would never happen.

  • MC lives in a neighborhood and MC’s love interest moves next door. They meet each other and fall in love.

Sometimes, neighbors do not get along. Next overused idea!

  • A cross between The Maze Runner, The Hunger Games, Harry Potter, or Divergent.



Okay, I shouldn’t be mean. I know that fan fiction is about fans writing whatever they want and they can do whatever they want because it is their story. It just kind of drives me crazy when you see ideas in REAL novels and they copy books that are already amazing.

Sorry, I do not like that at all.

  • The MC goes to a new school and everybody makes fun of her. Then, the MC’s love interest notices her, gives her some great advice about school. Then the school dance is coming up and the MC and the MC’s love interest fall in love and they go to the dance together.

Okay, this idea sounds like something that could be in a movie. I am just saying that you probably should use the new MC at school all of the time. It kind of gets boring once in a while.

  • MC has a channel on YouTube and she gets famous for her singing and she goes on tour with her favorite boy band member. Then, they fall in love.

This one kind of goes back to the one where I mentioned boy bands. Just don’t use this idea every single time.

Now that I have listed a couple of ideas, I am going to give you a few tips on how to come up with amazing ideas!


Yes! I know that you are so excited that I used a Harry Potter GIF and a J-Law and a Josh Hutcherson GIF in the same post! FANDOMS ASSEMBLE!

How to come up with amazing story ideas

  • Brainstorm. Read your favorite books and get inspired by them. Don’t read The Maze Runner and say to yourself, “Maybe I should write a dystopian novel with a maze in it!” I am just saying to get inspired by some of your favorite novels.
  • Carry a notebook with you everywhere! You never know when you could get inspired. I was recently reading this one book and I got inspired to have a paintball war included in one of my Nanowrimo novels. I think that a paintball war would be really fun and messy.
  • Go to a forum or post a couple of your story ideas on your blog! That was you can get advice on your story ideas and people can tell you if it sounds similar to another novel that somebody else has written.
  • And remember even if your idea takes a really long time to form, just remember that some of your ideas that take the longest and the best ideas. I bet that it didn’t take Veronica Roth five minutes to come up with her idea for the Divergent series. It possibly took weeks, months, probably years to come up with a diverse universe that wasn’t like the other dystopian societies. Veronica Roth has to make sure that her ideas are unique and she has to make sure that readers will want to read the book. If the idea isn’t good, then they will not read it.
  • These tips also do not just go for fan fiction and dystopian stories, they go for anything like fantasy to sci-fi to horror novels. Just remember to be yourself when it comes to your story ideas. You can be a copy if you want, but it will never be interesting because people have read it too many times.

That’s it! I hope that the following tips helped you and maybe you laughed a little when you saw my overused story ideas. I really hope that you all found this post funny, but inspiring. That is what I am aiming for and hopefully I will get a bullseye.

do you agree with any of my tips or overused story ideas? have you ever used one of these overused story ideas before?* Do you have anymore that you could add to the list? comment your thoughts below!

*to be honest, i have written a few stories with a few of the overused story ideas. c:



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    • Thanks! I have had it saved in my drafts for quite a while now and I was looking for a post to publish. I came across this one and BAM! There is was. 😀 Yes I agree. There are so many YA books and so many feel like they have the same plot and everything. Yes! It would be amazing to see something new like aliens attacking the moon or something. That would be awesome.

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