Ten Writer’s Confessions from Your’s Truly

maddieblogbuttonHey everyone! Have you ever had a confession that you had to make? Do you know what is better than regular confessions? I’ll give you a hint, it is in the title.

If you guess writer’s confessions, you are correct! *crowd gives a standing ovation* It was so easy and you probably did get it right. If you didn’t, I am so sorry. If you did, congrats! Treat yourself to some virtual cake.

I have a lot of writer confessions to make and since Nanowrimo 2016 is coming so soon, I decided to share ten of them with you! Just so you know, they are not secret because I have actually told a lot of people about my writer confessions. Let’s get started!

action, action action

For new readers who are just discovering my blog (also my mind), I love ACTION! I have actually said in my last post that it may have been because I have read too many dystopian/action novels. THEY ARE ADDICTING AND I LOVE IT! All of my novels are going to have action in them, so if you don’t like action they are not for you.

male pov v.s. female pov

I’m a girl as you all can obviously tell, but the truth is I can not write in a female’s POV.



I know that I have many ideas where the main character is a girl, but after many hard tries of trying to write in a female’s POV, I can not do it. That’s twenty pages down the drain.

cute and fluffy? it isn’t that fluffy

Two points up, I was telling you that I love to write dystopian/action novels. The truth is that I can not write a love story. Everything has to be action packed like my life.

You know, sometimes I want to write a love story about a girl and she falls in love with a boy. Isn’t that idea overused? Why do they always have to find love by spilling coffee on somebody’s brand new designer dress? Why doesn’t somebody fall in love with an alien disguised as a boy or a girl? Then, the alien father will get so overprotected over the alien girl that the aliens from a distant planet will start to attack earth. *cue evil laughs here*

See, action packed love story. Maybe I could write that?

i would love to help anyone with their writing

I LOVE to have people read a few snippets of my writing. I recently had one of my friends read my first chapter of my Nanwrimo project that I will hopefully get done with.* Anyway, I am up to read anybody’s writing. If you have a snippet that you would like to show me, e-mail the link or copy and paste the snippet and send it to me! I would love to tell you what I think.

*Of course, i’ll get done with it.

silence is the answer, not always

On my Nanowrimo/Camp Nanowrimo profile, you can look under my noveling music and you will see that I listen to Forever in Your Mind, One Direction, The Girl and the Dreamcatcher, Shawn Mendes and so much more. The list could go on forever and it always changes.

Anyway, I don’t listen to music when I’m writing. It is mostly silence with a few background noises. I can’t concentrate with the background noises, but I find a way to concentrate. It is just what I do.

writing a day keeps the doctor away

Okay, what you just heard isn’t true but I love to write. If I could write every single day I would, but it takes a long time to figure out what you are going to write and you have to set it up the right way.

WRONG. Well, setting it up and figuring it out is true.

I try to write every single day. I would love to write every single day, but I don’t always have a ton of free time up my sleeve. I mostly write posts, read books, write a little bit, then do other things that don’t revolve around reading and writing.

pinterest and writing

If you follow me on Pinterest (which you should if you aren’t already,) you know that I pin a lot of stuff. Well, I don’t pin that much because I am not on every single day of my whole entire life. I am just on for a little bit.

Anway, what does Pinterest have anything to do with writing?

Well, I have two writing boards. One that it titled “Writing” and one that is titled “Writing Inspiration.” Pinterest has A TON of pins and it is possible to find pins that can help you with your writing. Remember, nothing is impossible.

fifty book blogs and counting

Just so you know,  I do not have fifty book blogs and counting. Do you know how hard that would be to keep up with fifty book blogs and counting every single day?

Well, I actually get some of my writing inspiration from some of my favorite book blogs. Even though it isn’t for my writing like Nanowrimo, it helps me get inspired for posts.

Whatever you do, if you don’t know what to write and you decide to read some posts to get some ideas, do not copy anybody’s posts. Be yourself. If you make your posts unique, people will love to read your posts.

fantasy is my least favorite genre

Fantasy is my least favorite genre to write for because I don’t read a lot of fantasy novels. A lot of fantasy novels are full of famous fairytale characters and princesses that save kingdoms. I just have a hard time writing fantasy novels because I read a lot of dystopian novels.

Sure, I would love to write and fantasy novel. When I try to write one it never comes out the way I want it. I still enjoy reading fantasy novels, but it is my least favorite genre to write for.

last confession, try to be yourself. (wait, always be yourself.)

The hardest thing for me to do when I write is being myself. I often read popular author’s novels and I am thinking to myself, I should write a book just like that, but I can spice it up a little bit.

If you novel is just like somebody else’s, they person reading your novel will probably realize that your story sounds a lot like the other person’s story and it will not be enjoyable to read it.

I am currently reading Second Chance Summer by Morgan Matson and I wanted to write a book about a girl who lives in Australia and she has to go to L.A. to take care of her Grandmother, who is dying of cancer. Then, she meets some of her childhood friends and they don’t seem the same, but she wants to try to reconnect with them, but she isn’t sure how to take control of her own summer. When I say take control, I mean that she doesn’t know what to do.

That doesn’t sound very enjoyable to read when you just read a novel like that, doesn’t it?

Just be yourself and everybody will love you for who you are! I promise that they will. Remember to write what comes from your heart.

 do you have any writer confessions? what do you think of the ones above? can you add any to the list above? comment below and lettuce chat about it!


3 responses to “Ten Writer’s Confessions from Your’s Truly

  1. I always attempt to join Camp Nanowrimo, but then I always end up not finishing at all. 😦 Months before Camp, I have so many story ideas going on in my head, but when it’s time to complete the story for camp, I can’t. 😦

    Hope to read your novel/s one day! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aww, I would go crazy if I didn’t finish. Everything that I have to do has to be finished or else I will probably go bananas. 😀 Me too! So many story ideas are always floating around in my head. I always have to write them down, so I do not forget them. Thank you so much Spuds! You too!

      Liked by 1 person

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