Polaroid Books Writing Boot Camp Sign-Ups

PolaroidBooksWritingBootCampHey everyone! I am so excited to announce that I am hosting my first ever writing camp! I miss out on the opportunity to sign up for a writing camp and I get really sad because I didn’t sign up. What’s better than doing a writing camp? Hosting it!

Anyway, if you want to enter, keep on reading! This is the first annual writing boot camp on my blog and I would love for you to be a part of it!


  • There will be four teams of three based on four of the most popular books in the world; The Gladers from The Maze Runner series, The Tributes from The Hunger Games series, The Olympians from the Percy Jackson series, and The Dauntless from the Divergent series.
  • Everybody that will/has entered will be put in a group generator. That means that the generator will choose the teams. The first twelve people who enter will be on a team.
  • You don’t have to be a book blogger to enter, you can be a regular person that doesn’t have a blog! If you are wondering how you will submit your entries without a blog, you can e-mail me your entries when the first challenge is posted.
  • Everybody will have a week to post their entry and they will receive points for creativity, length of your entry, and how you stuck to the prompts.
  • In order to sign up for Polaroid Books’s first annunal writing boot camp, please comment you name and blog URL! If you do not have a blog, just comment that you are going to be signing up! Remember the first twelve people that sign up get to get on a team first!
  • Also, please make sure to tell your friends all about my writing camp! The more the merrier! Make sure to sign up by midnight on September 30th!

are you going to enter my writing boot camp? i hope so! make sure to tell your friends to enter! if you are going to enter, please comment something nice below.


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