Review of “How to Steal a Dog”

Hey everybody! I recently got done with How to Steal a Dog, a novel by the amazing Barbara O’ Connor. I have had the novel for a few years now and since I have been craving for something to read, I have decided to read this wonderful book again!

Honestly, you should never steal a dog in real life because you could make the owner really sad or mad and it is not the right thing to do to somebody’s dog. Anyway, check out my review of Barbara O’ Connor’s How to Steal a Dog!

Title: How to Steal a Dog

Author: Barbara O’ Connor

Source: Book Fair

Publisher / Publishing Date: March 20th, 2007 by Farrar, Straus and Giroux

Summary: Half of me was thinking, Georgina, don’t do this. Stealing a dog is just plain wrong. The other half of me was thinking, Georgina, you’re in a bad fix and you got to do whatever it takes to get yourself out of it.

Georgina Hayes is desperate. Ever since her father left and they were evicted from their apartment, her family has been living in their car. With her mama juggling two jobs and trying to make enough money to find a place to live, Georgina is stuck looking after her younger brother, Toby. And she has her heart set on improving their situation. When Georgina spots a missing-dog poster with a reward of five hundred dollars, the solution to all her problems suddenly seems within reach. All she has to do is “borrow” the right dog and its owners are sure to offer a reward. What happens next is the last thing she expected.

With unmistakable sympathy, Barbara O’Connor tells the story of a young girl struggling to see what’s right when everything else seems wrong. (Goodreads)

If you haven’t read this wonderful book yet, How to Steal a Dog is about a girl named Georgina Hayes and she is currently homeless. She lives in a car with her Mama and her little brother Toby. Ever since their renter kicked them out of their apartment after when they couldn’t pay the rent and their father left them, Georgina and her family have been everywhere.

Georgina just wants a normal life. She wants to live in a perfect house, she wants to snuggle in her perfect bed, she wants to hang out with normal friends, and live a normal life. Washing yourself in McDonald’s is definitely not normal.

So when Georgina sees a missing cat sign, she knows what she has to do. She has to steal a dog to earn the reward money. She steals a very plump woman’s dog named Willy and he is really cute. Georgina hopes that the woman is filthy rich because she owns the street and she has the nicest house that she has ever seen in her entire life. Everything isn’t as it seems though. Will Georgina and her family live happily ever after and have a normal life or will they have to live in their car forever?

I honestly loved how Georgina was so determined to get the reward money for her mom, so they could live somewhere normal. I loved her determination, but I didn’t like how she stole a dog. Like I said at the beginning of the post, it isn’t right to steal anybody’s stuff, especially their dog.

I also loved how Georgina always wanted to look on the bright side when things went horribly wrong. I think that girls should be determined and they should feel great about themselves, even if the situation is horrible at the moment.

In my mind, Georgina was one of those confident, yet rebellious girls. She was determined and ready to go and steal a dog, even though it wasn’t the right thing to do.

Barbara O’ Connor’s stunning novel, How to Steal a Dog, is a wonderful book to read. It is a short book, but it is one book that you will not forget when you get done reading it. How to Steal a Dog is definitely a four star book. ★★★★✩

have you read how to steal a dog? whatever you do, never steal a dog! do you think that you may want to read this wonderful book? comment below and lettuce chat about it!


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