Blogger Positivity Movement {Share the Love!}

maddieblogbuttonHey everybody! So, Becca @ Becca and Books has started the “Blogger Positivity Movement.” After seeing all of the drama on Twitter between bloggers, she has gotten tired of it. Now, she has started this amazing movement. Just because it was so awesome and I am all about being positive, I decided to join in on the fun. Keep on reading if you would like to know more and how you can join in on the action.

what is the blogger positivity movement?

The “Blogger Positivity Movement” is a challenge where you get rid of the hate and spread the love to bookworms and bloggers everywhere.

how does the movement work?

It is very simple! Just follow these steps and you will be a part of the movement in no time at all!

You sign up for the Movement and are paired with a bookish blogger. For the month of October, you leave three comments a week on your blogging partner’s post. Each comment should include three things you loved or found positive about their post/blog. You will have to find one newbie blogger to welcome with love to the bookish community. You will also have to find one old sage-blogger and ask what they find positive about the bookish community.

If you can’t comment three times a week on your partner’s blog, don’t sweat it! Everybody understands that we have a life outside of our blog. Just do the best that you can.

how to join the movement

Now, the moment you all have been waiting for is finally here. You can sign up before September 29th for the “Blogger Positivity Movement!” Becca will pair everybody up on October 1st.

Click on this link right here to fill out all of the information that you need for the movement. Also, write a blog post sharing the movement (what I am doing right now,) and you can spread the love on social media using the hashtag #BloggerPositvityMovement.

what do you think about drama in the bookish community?are you joining becca’s movement? are you spreading the love and being positive? comment below and lettuce chat!


4 responses to “Blogger Positivity Movement {Share the Love!}

  1. Darn. This sounds like so much fun! I totally would have entered if I had found out about this sooner! It sounds like something I’d enjoy. Do you know if she plans on doing another one in November?

    Liked by 1 person

    • I think that you can still enter! I think that sign-ups close on Sept. 29th, so Becca can pair everybody up on Oct. 1st. I do not know if she is going to do another one in November or not, but I hope she does one again sometime in the future!


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