2K16 Nanowrimo Prep: Quick Writing Prompts

maddieblogbuttonWhat’s up writers? October is finally here and before we all know, Nanowrimo is going to flash before our very own eyes. Before it does that though, we have to write our novels and show Nanowrimo that we have what it takes to be inspiring authors, because we all are going to be authors one day. Aren’t we?

The first post in my series is about writing ideas, or as most people call them prompts. If you are still craving to do Nanowrimo for the first time or if you are wanting to do it again like you do every month. If you are uninspired and you don’t know what to write, here are five ideas to get you back on your feet again. Enjoy writers and I hope these help you out with your writing!

If you don’t like any of these writing prompts below, you can share your’s in the comments or you can look up “writing prompts” on Pinterest! Tons of things can pull up and it really does help. All of these are actually from Pinterest, but I grabbed a few and continued them.

  • You’ve been able to read minds since you were seven years old. You have seen people’s thoughts, scattered in their brains. One day, somebody talks back. And their just like you, only he’s more sly and more ruthless. – Doesn’t this sound like a really good dystopian novel series about a character that can read the thoughts of other people? I think so. It sounds amazing!
  • “Captain!” You exclaim, the rain beating harder and harder on the sides of the ship. The strong winds were making the ship lean. You thought that you were going to slide off of the side. “Atlantis isn’t a city! It’s a planet.” – Oh. Wow. I am beyond speechless. This would be a fantastic Greek mythology / dystopian novel.
  • The kings of two kingdoms finally settle their peace. One king wants a proclamation though. He wants something from the other king, but he doesn’t know what. He points to the girl, shining auburn hair. She sets down her wine glass, eyes open wide. “I want her. She will be my queen.” – These just keep on getting better and better, don’t they? Well, this one would obviously be a great fantasy action novel for anybody craving something with dragons, unicorns, and perhaps wizards.
  • He found a notebook on the train, lying to the velvet red seat. He picked it up and flipped through the pages. “Lilac” was the name of the girl. So beautiful, so elegant. He could imagine her already, picturing that he would sweep her off of her two feet one day. Then, he kept on reading. “

“My brother, I haven’t seen him in years. It has been a while, but now since I am on this train, I think-” The sentence stopped abruptly. What if he was her long-lost brother? – Is anybody else thinking this would be a great book set in the early 1900’s? I think it really would be.

  • Legend has it that Mr. LeRidge’s taxi cab is haunted. People get on it, they never come back. All of the taxis are full though, but Mr. LeRidge’s is waiting right in front of me. “Are you coming, young lady? I don’t have all day?” Taking a deep breath, I stepped into the taxi. Indeed, this was going to be the most bumpiest ride of my life. – EEK! I LOVE THIS SO MUCH! This prompt is probably my favorite, along with the prompt about Atlantis being a planet instead of a underground city.

there are five writing prompts to get your gears moving! what prompt is your favorite? do you have any to add to the list? comment below and lettuce chat about nanowrimo and more!

also, don’t forget to follow me here on nanowrimo! good luck writiers!


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