Where I Unleash My Inner Writer Part 01 // Entry 01

maddieblogbuttonI love writing, as you all probably know by now. I love contests, which you probably didn’t know. When I found out about Allie @ Spreading My Joy’s writing contest for her blogiversary, I was thrilled! I haven’t actually competed in a writing contest, but I am thrilled to be entering this one. Also, happy blogiversary Allie!

Since I am just finding out about this, I am turning my first entry in right now. Also, today is the deadline for her writing contest. *cringes because of the word ‘deadline’* Anyway, I am so thrilled to be writing my first short story! Also, you all get to take a glimpse into my inner writing self. Trust me, there is a lot going on in the writer world in me.

short story entry 01

My world seemed to be spinning around, flashes of different colors going around in around in my vision. It all seemed blurry. It seemed like I was sliding down the end of the rainbow just so I could get my hands on the pot of gold at the end.

I felt a soft tap on my shoulder. I spun around, my cherry red hair slapping my best friend Lindsey in the face. “Tara, when are you ever going to come back into the real world?” She snapped, her olive-skinned hands on her hips.

Out of all of the times Lindsey has asked me that same question, I have never listened to her. I like my little daydreams that I have at random periods of the day. I like it that I stare off into space and then I hear the teacher call onto my name. I like it and I will never change a bit just for Lindsey Bishop.

“Is the spin cycle still your favorite? Hah, little kids love the spin cycle.” Her new best friend Lola Garcia snapped. They both did a silly little handshake before they flipped their identical caramel colored hair and walked out of the laundromat.

Me and Lindsey used to be best friends since the second grade when she accidentally split grape juice all over my new dress. That day, we somehow got along with each other. Now that Lola has moved from Beverly Hills and she claims to know Harry Styles’s cousin, Lindsey is all over her.

I quickly got out my clothes when the washing machine stopped. Then, I started to put my clothes in the dryer. I put the quarter in the slot and waited for it to turn on.’

Then, the lights flickered on and off. Every single washer and dryer stopped. Then, I realized that I was floating. I quickly held onto one of the washing machines, my hands sticking to it like I had webbed feet.

“Help!” I exclaimed as loud as I could, even though the whole entire place was empty. “Help! Something is awfully wrong! I am afraid that I am having another one of my daydreams! Please, somebody help me!”

A boy around my age walked into the laundromat. When he stepped foot on the blue and white tile floor, he started floating. He wasn’t scared about floating, he just kept on laughing. A pearly white smile was on his face, but it was interrupted by a cavity on the right side of his mouth.

“Sir, why am I not normal?” I asked. “I want to be normal, but there is no way I can be normal. Everything is floating, I stare off into space, my best friend thinks I am crazy. Is there anyway to fix that?”

The boy just stared at me until he started to float next to me. “I refuse to become what you call normal.” He replied in a sharp British accent. It was way better than my fake accent.

“I don’t understand. I still like the spin cycle.”

“I like the spin cycle also.”

“My friends make fun of me.”

“My friends make fun of me also.”

“I live in a different world half of the time that isn’t even real!” I exclaimed, throwing my hands up in the air. The boy couldn’t agree with me that time. He didn’t live in a made up world. He lived on Earth just like everybody else.

“I am actually from a different world,” He stated in a soothing tone. “And you are coming with me.

what do you think of my short story? if you were to live in a fictional world, what would you choose and why? i would have to pick the setting of the invention of hugo cabret. comment below and let’s chat!


13 responses to “Where I Unleash My Inner Writer Part 01 // Entry 01

  1. OMG, so much creativity in such a short story! I have a few fictional worlds that I would live in if I were able to. I would definitely live in the Zodiac world, Ferrenwood, Furthermore, and Harry Potter! Great post, and even better writing with the short story!

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  2. Oooh, I love this short story! Tara speaks with such a distinctive voice, and it’s really interesting to read – thank you so much for sharing! I would definitely choose to live in either the world of Harry Potter or the world of Lord of the Rings.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much Astro! No problem! I am so glad that you loved it. I love to pretend that I live in dystopian universes sometimes just so I can be with my fictional crushes. 😀 Mostly Panem from “The Hunger Games” series or The Glade from “The Maze Runner” series.


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