Where I Unleash My Inner Writer Part 02 // Entry 02

maddieblogbuttonHey everybody! I am back with another short story for you all. I actually really love to write these because a spark ignites inside of me to write another project. I recently wrote about something magical in this post and you all seemed to love it and I am so glad that you all did! Here is my second entry for Allie @ Spreading My Joy’s writing contest!

Be warned! This entry is going to be kind of long because I love to write. You all probably knew that by now. Anyway, carry on by reading this post and make sure to enjoy!

short story entry 02

Suddenly, everything stopped floating. I fell on the blue and white tiled floor with a loud thud as the boy landed gracefully on his two feet. The British boy held out his hand as a magical violet portal opened up right in the laundromat. I couldn’t believe my eyes. This boy actually lived in another world for a living.

And I was going with him.

He grabbed my hand, pulling me into the portal. I started to scream until I almost lost my voice. Then, we both landed in the clean blue water. I quickly swam to the top, coughing some of the sea water out of my mouth. The British boy grabbed my wrists and started to laugh.

“I don’t see how this is funny at all.” I said, swimming to a wooden boat nearby. “I will hate you for this whatever your name is.” I tossed my leg over the side of the boat.  As I settled into the boat, I looked up at what was in front of me.

It looked like a mini mountain sprouted out of the water. There was a ladder leading to a small passageway. It looked like the passageway led to a house that was on top of the mountain. It was beautiful and stunning all at once. This was where the boy lived.

For some reason, I wanted to escape my own reality and live here forever with the boy.

The boy spread out his hand. “My name is Garrison. I never got your name.” He said, petting a green little dragon on his head with the tips of his fingers. I jumped back a little bit. Garrison was holding a baby dragon.

I had to be dreaming.

Only that this wasn’t a dream. It was my reality. I was stuck in a world that didn’t seem real.

Garrison saw that I was quite scared of the little dragon sitting in his hands. “Oh, this is a little guy I found on my doorstep one morning. I guess that he got lost from his Mum.”

I nodded. I wanted to pet the little guy, but I couldn’t quite grasp my mind on all of this. It isn’t real, it isn’t real. 

“I can see what you are thinking.”

My gaze snapped up to Garrison’s. “How?”

“Tara, my power is that I can see other people’s thoughts. Have you ever wondered what your’s is?”

I shook my head, putting my hands over my ears. This was starting to get crazy! This was nonsense! I was Tara Williams, the shyest girl in my class. I am not good at dodgeball, I hate scary movies, and I hate butter on my popcorn because it always makes me sick. There is no way that I had magical powers just like Garrison.

Garrison ran his hand through his unruly dark hair. “Your power is intergalactic. It is a strange power that could cause you to get killed.”

“No Garrison. I am normal.” I spoke. “I am not like you. I am Tara, regular Tara.”

All that Garrison did for a reply was a shake of his head. It made the cute little dragon fly away to an unknown place. Then, I put out my hands and a little galaxy appeared right in front of me. I jumped back, making us both fall out of the boat.

“Garrison, what is happening?” I trembled as I swam to the shore. I shook myself like a dog once my bare feet touched the scorching sand. “I don’t want to be killed just because I have a power that nobody else has!”

Garrison rubbed the little dark stubble on his chin. “I’ll keep it a secret, but it will be dangerous. I serve the queen. If I get killed, the castle goes crumbling down along with everybody in it.”

what do you think of my second entry? the third entry is coming soon! if you could have any supernatural power, what would it be? comment below and let’s chat!



4 responses to “Where I Unleash My Inner Writer Part 02 // Entry 02

  1. Your short story is really awesome, I cannot wait for the next part! I think one thing that could help improve your story is if you “showed” more rather than “told.” 🙂 I also love the photos that you add, letting the story come to life. The photo with the baby dragon is too cute, haha. If I could have a supernatural power I think I’d want to control some element of nature, like water or nature itself. And be able to communicate with animals! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! Thank you for the advice. I really have a hard time doing telling the story instead of showing it. I also have to learn to be a little bit more descriptive. I add a lot of detail into some of my major projects, but it seems kind of sloppy. Thank you so much again! I think I would like to control wind or water. I think having a supernatural element would be super cool. c:


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