My Experience with Nanowrimo 2K16

Nanowrimo is finally OVER! To be honest I am actually beyond thrilled for it to be over. I can finally be with my family, relax, chat with friends, read more books, and try to think of something else that I may want to write in April. Right now, I don’t really want to focus on writing. Sort of. I already have something in mind.

love writing. I would love to be a writer when I grow up, but it is stressful and I have a feeling that every writer is going to say that sometime in his or her life. I have spent the last two months writing something that I may or may not let it be published. It is kind of a lame idea, but it means a lot to me. I think that is what matters the most.

This was my first year doing Nanowrimo and I thought that I wasn’t going to do it at first. I certainly didn’t want to write on Thanksgiving because Thanksgiving is a time to spend with your family. What’s better than staying on your computer, enclosed in your room, writing all day long?

In case you didn’t really realize it I actually meant it or not, I was being sarcastic.

If I wanted to do Nanowrimo, I would have to write earlier. November is usually a nerve wracking month for me full of festivities. I wrote two months ahead because I had an idea buzzing around in my head like a bee trapped in a soda can. It wouldn’t fly away. That meant that I had to write it as soon as possible.

I was actually pretty proud when Gears of Ember was finished. Even though it isn’t edited yet, and it will probably take a long time for me to edit it, I still love it. It came from my heart and even though I’ll probably be the only person to read it, I’m still very satisfied with the finished novel.

Also, I wrote 100,000 word this year! That is a HUGE accomplishment! Next year I am aiming to go higher! Let’s just hope that my arrow hits the bullseye next year.

All in all, Nanowrimo is amazing. It is a great way to unleash my inner writer and for me to learn how to get better and to urge myself. Most of the time I quit because I honestly think that I can’t do it, but when it comes to writing I can write all day long!




See! I told you!

Overall, Nanowrimo was a blast to the moon. See what I did there? I mentioned the moon because the theme of Nanowrimo this year was space. Yeah, you probably knew. Nanowrimo is a blast and I can’t wait to do Camp Nanowrimo in April and Nanowrimo again in November.

Did you do Nanowrimo this year? If so, what did you write about? Did you win? Comment below and let us chat about everything writers do!



5 responses to “My Experience with Nanowrimo 2K16

  1. Whoo-hoo! Winning your fist year. It’s hard to realize that NaNo was just over a week ago. Jeez, a lot has happened since then. But really, awesome job. I lost last year, but won this year and I am SO HAPPY!

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