New Year’s Resolutions for Villains

I have said this plenty of times before, but I love Becca @ Becca and Books’s creative blogging prompts and every single time when she posts I do one because it makes my imagination run wild and it gets me inspired to do even more posts just like this!

I think that all of our favorite villains need their own resolutions because if you’re me, you wonder about the villains a lot. I mean, what has happened after their reign of evil ended after the hero saved the village? Is our favorite villain working at a fast food restaurant? I need to know as soon as possible!

That’s why I am letting my imagination run wild and I am finding a New Year’s resolution for four of my favorite villains of all time. They obviously have goals in life other than trying to take over the world.


Okay, this one is probably going to be the funniest one of them all in my opinion, so that’s why I am putting it first. Also I still have to figure out the other villains’ resolutions.

I am going to say that Voldemort’s New Year’s Resolution is he is going to attempt to take over Hogwarts, yes again, because he obviously thinks that he was ripped off the first time. I mean, he lost and even though he died he could probably rise back up from the dead. Zombies do it all of the time, so why can’t Voldemort? Also, he doesn’t want to have revenge on Harry Potter because we all know how that ended out unless you have been living on a rock for your entire life. He is going to take revenge on Harry’s son. *insert evil laugh here*

Maleficent (Disney Descendants)

Okay, so at the end of Disney Descendants, Maleficent turned into a little lizard because the size of love in her heart was super tiny. Since she enjoys being a little pet lizard for the time being, she wants to start her own lizard army with the fellow lizards in Auradon.

Don’t ask. It sounded good at the moment plus it is actually pretty amusing if you have your own miniature movie theater in your head.

Just imagine if she actually did escape from that mini trap she was in, wandered all over Auradon because she actually wanted some good friends, and she found the pet store. She snuck in, went to the aisle where they had the lizards, and asked them to be a part of her army. It’s called EVILIZARDS because it actually looks catchy. They use their slingshot tails to shoot food at their main enemy, the owner of the pet store.

Like I said, this is all coming from my imagination, so please don’t question me.

Mr. Baron

I have the books sitting on my bookshelf and I haven’t read them yet, so bear with me everybody. This is Mr. Baron off of the movie version of my favorite series of all time, Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children.

To be honest, I don’t think that eating eyeballs really worked out for Mr. Baron. After he realized that he was eating other people’s eyes, he really got disgusted with himself. He tried to change, but that didn’t work. Now he realizes that he must do something that would usually be out of his league. He is going to become a vegetarian. Instead of eating eyeball fondue, he is eating salads with tomatoes.

To be honest the salads satisfy his cravings and he is a lot more nicer to birds now.

Queen Levana

Queen Levana stepped down from the throne after all of the rebellions in New Beijing and her own Lunar planet, which is the moon. Since she still lives on the moon, she is terribly bored because nobody really likes her that much. To make sure that she is like all of the other glamorous Lunars on the moon, she wants to do beauty pageants and judge beauty pageants.

Queen Levana’s New Year’s resolution is to try to make her glamor so powerful that she will win every single beauty pageant. Who knows? Maybe she will even find another husband.

 What do you think villains do to conquer their New Year’s resolutions? Do they make them vanish? Do them old school? Forget all about them like they do every single year? Comment below and let’s chat about it!


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