Get to Know the Girl + Three Years of Blogging

It is so weird that I am saying this and as I say it out loud, it is sort of unbelievable. I have been blogging since I was eleven years old.

I was so young and I obviously didn’t know any better. I blogged about whatever I wanted, mostly Hunter Hayes, One Direction, and whatever other nonsense popped into my mind. I was very silly and actually kind of weird, and I still am, but I love who I have turned out to be.

To be completely honest, I used to run a lifestyle blog. Honestly, I do miss it. I miss my old blog a lot. However, I just matured and I grew into books. I am not interested in other things most of the time. I like books. I love books. Besides music, school, and other things, books are literally my life.

In honor of three years, I am going to do a get to know me tag! I probably don’t realize that I talk a lot about other things and some of you may be wondering, “Who is the girl behind the screen?” Well, your dreams have come true! Here are all of the things that you may or may not have wanted to know about me.

Birthday: My birthday is right at the beginning of the month and a few days in.
Gender: Female
Relationship Status: Single
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Siblings: Two brothers and two little furbabies.
Favourite Colour: Probably a sky blue? I also like olive green and a peach orange.
Wake Up and Go To Sleep Times: I wake up somewhere around nine and I go to bed somewhere around ten.
Day or Night: Night
Text or Call: Text
Light or Dark Hair: Dark
Intelligence or Attraction: Intelligence
City or Country: City
Lipbalm or Lipstick: Lipbalm
Mascara or Eyeliner: Mascara
Bronzer or Blush: Blush
Powder Foundation or Liquid Foundation: Liquid
Nars or M.A.C: Nars
Natural or Bold: Natural
Pink Lips or Red Lips: I really like a light shade of pink, but then again I do like red with darker clothes. For now, I am going to say pink because I wear it often.
Dark Eye Shadow or Light Eye Shadow: Light Eye Shadow
Drug Store or High End: I’m actually not picky.

Cardigans or Coats: Coats
Boyfriend Jeans or Skinny Jeans: I really like both of these, but I am going to have to say boyfriend jeans because I got my first pair around Christmas.
Stripes or Dots: Dots
Hats or Beanies: Hats
Sunglasses or No Sunglasses: Sunglasses
Singlets or T-Shirts: T-shirts
Skirts or Pants: Pants
Dresses or Overalls: Overalls
Heels or Flats: Flats
Converse or Nikes: Converse
Baggy or Tight: I don’t like my clothes baggy, at all. I don’t like them too tight either. I think that I am somewhere in the middle of it all.

Cooking or Baking: Baking
Coke or Pepsi: Coke
Smoothies or Milkshakes: Milkshakes
Cupcakes or Biscuits: Cupcakes, but my Dad’s biscuits are literally amazing.
Spicy or Not Spicy: Spicy
Fried or Baked: Fried, mostly fried chicken.

Apple or Samsung: Apple
Computer or TV: Computer
Headphones or Earphones: Earphones
iPod Touch or iPad: iPod Touch
Xbox or PlayStation: Xbox
Video Games or Computer Games: Video games
Twitter or Tumblr: Tumblr
Facebook or YouTube: Facebook because I use it way more often. I barely go on Youtube, but maybe a few times a year?

I think that those are pretty much what sums me up! I hope that you all found some of these interesting, funny, or really shocking! Also, thank you all so much for three terrific years of blogging and happy birthday to Polaroid Books, whom turns one today! Comment below and let’s chat!

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